Monday, July 9, 2012

The Beauty of Alaska

Found an eagle sitting on an old tree...he is magnificant

The Irises are in bloom

Blue bells are blooming

Wild roses

Wild rose bud

Water is still and has a wonderful reflection

Of course Bear and Spring are enjoying each mile. They are so excited when we get to someplace new and they can get out and snif...

Trees here sometimes grow big bumps on them. So people have taken them and become creative. Here is a bull moose

A giant mosquito, think some are this size.

Beautiful flowers with a bump post and railing.

Then we arrived at the north pole. Everyone has something at their business connected to Christmas. Note the Candy Cane sign..for a welding shop.

We went to Santa's Shop and visited with the reindeer

Not sure who is who here, I called names and they ignored me

Ahhh but then I found Santa. I sat in his lap and tickled his beard, hoping for a nice gift, he laugh that "ho ho ho" and said a lump will be in your stocking..if I had known that I would have pulled that beard!!!

Note here he is no longer laughing.  He didn't even give me a candy cane...what's wrong with this picture?????

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