Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The beauty of the mountains here are just breath taking.

 Around each bend you think nothing could be more beautiful than this.

You see cabins in the distance. Your mind wanders about who lives there.

The lakes are crystal blue.

More mountains scenes for you to enjoy

Here I am parked at one of the three Denali campgrounds. We stayed at Riley, Savage River and Teklanika Campgrounds in Denali.

One of the views we saw as we camped.

We visited the park's dog sled dogs. So calm until you see them work. Very friendly dogs, but they do get excited when they know they are about to go to work.

These are working dogs, not racing dogs. The rangers use them to move heavy loads and patrol the park in the winter months.

Two new puppies...one day they will be trained to pull the sled

Tina stopped to pet one of the dogs, he just lay there and enjoyed.

Some of the sleds and gear worn during the winter.

The ranger, Cinimon gave us a lecture about the dogs and then demonstrated.

Here comes Cinimon racing into the front of the stands.

The handlers catch the dogs, and lead them to a stop area.

Now they have finished this pull, they all lay down quietly to rest.

We spotted a moose on the side of the road, but he would just give us butt shots.

Got pictures of some birds.

This one posed very nicely for me.

One of the many rivers in the park.

Another mountain view, that road you see is one we drove on.

Flowers are in bloom.   Ahhhhhh chooooooo!!!!

Sometimes they look like bouqets with the different colors.

Had pictures earlier of the Dahl sheep close up, here is one way up on the mountain. These are not goats, but sheep.

We got to see a bit of Mt. McKinley.

Another colorful mountain

Found an elk resting at a small glacier.

Bear resting..

Another mountain view.

A bear walking along on the mountain.

This is a mama and two cubs, one in the front and one behind her.

Another bear, a little bit darker coloring on his paws and face.

Cute picture of the state bird of Alaska, Willow Ptarmigan. We had seen a mama earlier with chicks but I missed that picture.

More of the Dahl sheep on the side of the mountain

It was a great visit to Denali. We are now heading toward Anchorage and new adventures.


  1. Beautiful pictures. Looked a bit damp while you were there.

  2. I'm sure enjoying your wonderful trip to Alaska. You are getting to see a lot of wildlife.