Tuesday, July 24, 2012


Everything is put to use in Alaska. This old school bus is a Burger bus.  Lot of people going in for a burger.

Found the Russian Orthodox Church and the Rectory.

This is the rectory house.

This is the top part of the Russian Orthodox Church

A full look at the Russian Orthodox Church

An old house in the historical district.

This is the Russian Orthodox Church Chapel.

This must be an old house, but no one lives there now.

What we have here is a true event. People are packed at the water's edge salmon fishing.

Checked out the Beluga RV park, of course it was packed with people fishing.

Found this guy fileting the salmon out.

Back to the group fishing

People are out there round net fishing. This was truly a big crowd for fishing.

This is the type of round nets used for fishing.

One of the buildings in the old section of Kenai was a senior center

This is what the elder center looks like

Flowers around the area are in bloom, all are wild flowers.

More flowers

Moosemeat John's Cabin

Information on the cabin.

Now we head on down the road to our next adventure.

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