Tuesday, July 24, 2012

On to Homer and the Homer Spit.

Along the route to Homer, we found another Russian Orthodox Church.

A cemetary with the Russian Orthodox Crosses.

Information on the roots of Ninilchik

One of the many rivers along our route.

 Wildflowers are in bloom

This group of people are digging clams while the tide is out.

This group is poking holes in the sand then the wife is up to her elbow searching for clams.

This is what the clam looks like.  In butter bet it tasste good.

A memorial to residents they lost.

A painter in the process of painting the clam digging scene.

We found juvenile eagles near where we camped.

Lighthouse was on the hills above the campground

We found that we could also see the Russian Orthodox Church.

This is the fishing village of Russian decendents.

They do have a sign bringing our attention to the economy. This is very thoughtful of them

an eagle in Flight

Another eagle up, up and away.

Baby eagle sitting down looking for food.

A new way to upload a boat on your trailer.

Boat runs up onto the trailer, they hook the wench, wench it tight and away they go.

Here is the equipment and trailer waiting on a boat to come in.

 Boat is in, centers on trailer, and up it goes.

 They are hooking the wench...drawing it in.

 Up onto dry land they go.

Further up, the owner gets his truck over to attach to the trailer.

Then we head on into Homer Alaska.

Beautiful mountain off the spit.

Can't drive any further than this.

We found more eagles..love to see them fly.

this is a motorhome made from a school bus. It even has a back porch.

We ate dinner at this Lands End restaurant and this was our view.

We shared a delightful appetizer, compliments of Tina.

After eating we walked around, found this Class A that had been burned and rebuilt. The guy that rebuilt it, talked to Tina and I. He said after he bought it, he drove it for 700 miles, to the point where the rebuilding took place.

He also built this four wheel drive smaller motorhome.

Side view of the truck.  This man is very talented.

Had a float plane fly over us.

If you have every watched time Bandit, here is the home base.

Liz jumped into the cage so we could get pictures.

Then one of a group of bikers, that Liz had taken pictures of earlier, asked if she would take this picture for his girlfriend.

Birdie decided we should stop at her favorite bakery for some sweets.

Liz and Birdie are staying behind to do a flight and so Birdie can get her mail. Tina and I are going to head back up the road looking.

So stay tuned for the next adventure.

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  1. Loved your adventure and photos. You are going to have so many memories.