Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tatlinika Trading Company Campground

We stopped at this campground for the night. They had a wonderful gift shop.

As you entered the front door this old couple greeted you.

Outside was a gas pump.  Wish we could have filled our tanks.

Gas from that pump was 26 cents per gallon....oooooohhhhhh remember when.

Transportation for the winter months.

Skis on the front.

Tracks on the back.

Another old truck that was sitting there, not sure if it was used anymore.

A group of old bicycles. Even one built for two.

They do protect the wildlife in Alaska.

Their toy barn. A plane with tires and floats, boats, four wheelers....ahhhh the life.

After we left the campground, we were looking at other possible locations, we decided this one was a bit wet. But beautiful views.

The mountain and trees reflected in the lake.

We are off again heading on down the road.

Our destination is close at hand...next visit Denali with me.

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  1. Great story and post Nan. Loved the pictures.