Monday, July 23, 2012

Kelly Lake

I do believe Tina and I lucked up and found paradise. We were at a National Forest Campground. No charge and this was our view across Kelly Lake. We stayed for 5 days. The lake would sometimes be like glass and reflect the mountains and trees.

 The right side of the lake had a lot of trees, but just as beautiful.

A tiny little bird came out to greet us and stay to pose for his photo.

Mama duck had her babies out on a practice run.

The little guys practiced what mama showed them. They would stick their heads under the water.

Since we had paradise, a lake, kayaks and sun, we prepared and got in the water.
Tina is out paddling around.

Here I am relaxed and enjoying the scenery.

A picture of our campsite from on the lake.

 We are now a bit further from the camp.  Long way if we have to swim.

Views of the mountains as we paddles around the lake. Found an island in the middle of the lake.

Found a couple of beaver's damns and this beaver was swimming returning home one evening.

This is one of the beaver damns we saw while out kayaking.

Just another view of the mountains.

While on the lake we saw beautiful wild flowers.. these looks almost like a small iris up close.

We found lily pads on the pond. These were also in full bloom

Corner of the island we paddles around.

Tina and I gathered firewood. Found a stump and brought it back, took two nights to burn it.

Liz and Birdie joined us on the lake with their kayaks. Birdie left after one night but Liz wanted to stay and go out again early. We did and found the mama and babies resting on a log.

This lake also had loons on it. You could hear them calling each other. But we sadly waved goodbye to our bit of paradise and went on to other adventures.

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  1. Great pictures, especially the reflections in the water.