Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pioneer Village

In Fairbanks they had a Pioneer Village set up with interesting old homes that had been moved in, along with Harding's Railroad car.

This is the railroad that Harding, when he was president toured Alaska in.

Here is the back end where I am sure he made his speeches from

An old paddle wheeler that is call Nenanna. It has quite a history on the rivers.

They brought old homes in from around Fairbanks so you can see the types of homes they lived in during the gold rush.

Here is a bit of the history of the home above.

Another of the old homes that is now being used as a shop.

An old church was also brought in and set up.

A close up here of the stain glass in the window above.

A bit of history of the house below

Quite a house for $800 don't you think?

Here is where you could get a tub bath for 50  cents.  Now there is a bargin.

Lovely place to relax after a long month grubbing for gold.

Also there was a saloon/dance hall. You know those miners needed to be relieved of their gold.

A very nice wood carved statue is located in front of Pioneer Village

Now just a bit of added interest...this truck was on a used car lot. Anyone looking for one like this, only

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