Tuesday, July 24, 2012


There was luxury in Alaska. A hunting cabin had a portable bathtub in it. A 1927 for a mere 6.45. Now there is a bargain

Here is the tub in the cabin. Now you know Alaskans believing in being clean.

Tina, Liz and I found a museum in Kisilof and stopped. It was quite a nice museum

Some of the buildings moved in here had been homes, some were just hunting cabins.

A steamer truck that brought their personal stuff to Alaska.

The floors in the houses were wonderful. Our guide said this wood was probably imported since they don't have trees here of this type of wood.

This house also had a washtub to clean those clothes. This one had a hand wringer to wring those clothes out.

The kitchen was nice and useful, complete with the clothes dryer.

 Information here on the Kenai refuge.

This is a hunting lodge. The brown portion are salman cans from a ship that was wrecked and the people salvaged what they could use. These were flat shipped cans to be use to can salmon, instead they roofed the cabin and created a part of the front.

Victor Holm's trapping cabin was shared with anyone that needed it. His one requirement was the woodpile had to be replenished before you left.

This is the wood stove in the trapping cabin.

A chair and a crate at the table. It has a kerosene latern for light.

In the cracks of the logs they put moss to fill the cracks in

The Slackwater Cabin

 Information here about the cabin and pictures of the cabin being moved.

The plugs for the logs was rope and rag.

This house was a fox raising cabin. During the height of women wearing furs this became a business in Alaska to raise fox.

A few things in the outbuildings for the above cabin.

In the cabin was the huge soup pot. Now that soup would last for days.

This is the cabin from the outside.

Outside was a house for the foxes. This little box inside was the nest area for the babies.

This dome on the house was where they watched the foxes from. If humans went out to check on the foxes at anytime other than feeding time, the adults would eat the babies. So this room was put up so they could observe the foxes and not disturb them.

This was the airport terminal. Our guide said packages would be left here and if you were expecting a shipped package you came here to pick it up.

You find a great Russian influence in this area

Tools for working outside.

After an educational tour by a very competent hostess we were off to other adventures.

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