Monday, July 23, 2012

Seward, Alaska

Visited the Seaport town of Seward. Saw this house with the mermaid on the front.

Interesting information on the start of the railroads in Seward

The old railroad station

A beautiful statue given to the town for the trail blazer 100th anniversary

A stop at the sea life and museum was very interesting.. Crab anyone?

Some of the fish were a bit strange looking

Then you had the playful ones. Just a relaxing swim show.

The town of Seward had a very interesting museum. Of course the every present antlers

Articles on the creations of the Alaskan flag when it was added as a state. 

Great information here on the 1964 earthquake.  These various clocks all were stopped as the earthquake hit.

Here is information on one of the clocks. This pertains to the clock in the lower right hand corner.

This is about the clock located on the bottom left.

This is the view from the camping location. The cruise ships come in and out of this port. You can see one just in front of the mirror. The mountains across the way. 

Saw the cruise ship as it was leaving. Took this picture, it is one the cruise line takes and then sells to the passengers.
 This is the cruise ship pivoting around to head out of the harbor area. It was amazing to watch something so large do a pivot.

 An eagle was perked on a pileing right in front of where we camped.

Sail boats heading out for the day

The rest of the group heading out for a tour.

Enjoyed the stay in Seward but there are other places to explore...stay tuned.

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